Air Drying Paints & Primers

Air drying alkyd paints are coatings which produce a tough durable finish when applied to suitably prepared substrates. Drying primarily occurs from the evaporation of the carrier solvent, this is followed by a cross linking of the internal structure of the paint system.

We produce a broad range of alkyd or oil-based paints combining premium grade resins with high quality pigments and other additives to create a wide spectrum of stock and customer specific paints.

  • Quick drying enamels suitable for spray application onto steel fabrications and metal components.
  • Compliant air drying alkyds contain much lower levels of solvent to help reduce the impact of pollution to the environment. Suitable for use on steel fabrications where higher volumes of paint are used.
  • Medium drying machinery paints suitable for brushing or rolling onto industrial buildings, factory plant and floors.
  • Slow drying coach enamels, containing slower solvents and recommended for use where a higher smoother gloss is required over larger areas, typically railway stock and transport finishes.