Additional Products

Apart from industrial coatings we manufacture a variety of

Provides water impregnation treatment for all types of Porous stone.

Based upon a silane/siloxane mixture the active components combine with naturally occurring pore water to produce rapid hydrophobicity and excellent penetration into mineral substrates.

The appearance of the surface remains unchanged as the treatment works beneath the surface to reduce water absorbance, but remains vapour permeable preventing internal damage to the stone.

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2 Pack Epoxy primer systems provide paints with excellent corrosion performance for use where extra protection is required on steel structures.

A narrow range of primer colours is available along with a Micaceous Iron Oxide for enhanced durability. A selection of gloss finishes are manufactured to produce coatings where more durable finishes are requested in internal environments.

These are particularly recommended for use as floor paints where a harder wearing finished coat is needed.

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We manufacture a range of Spraying QAD Hammer paints to produce a traditional Hammer effect, available in a select series of blues, greens, greys and browns to give an enhanced appearance to metallic substrates.

Also available in a smooth appearance for application by brush or roller.

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Chlorinated rubber marking paints formulated for the demarcation of factories, warehouses and car parks.

Available in white or Gold Yellow. Water based SBR line marking paints for a low odour alternative to CRP.

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