Eco Friendly water based paints

Continuing pressures on paint users and tighter legislation from local authorities has accelerated the need to produce high quality water-based coatings. At H.S.Richards we have an extensive range of products suitable for many applications, with being supplied into the automotive, industrial and environmental sectors. Please look at our products and call us if you require recommendations for alternatives to existing solvent based paint systems, and we can arrange for a visit to your site or discuss your options over the phone.

An extensive range of primers and topcoats manufactured using the latest range of water bourne resins to provide a finished coat comparable to solvent based alkyd finishes. Primers are available in a select range of colours, topcoats can be produced to the standard range of RAL, BS381C, and BS4800 series of shades.

Formulated using a blend of resins to optimise corrosion performance with superior drying characteristics. Paints can be made to your own specification to provide tough durable finishes in gloss, eggshell or matt appearance. Most shades from RAL and British Standard colours can be manufactured.

Formulated to give exceptional corrosion resistance, this paint is recommended for application onto automotive, agricultural and industrial components. Supplied as a 1 coat High Build Eggshell finish it cures to give excellent protection to ferrous substrates.

This Acrylic water based semi matt roof tile coating is formulated for use on cement based and concrete tiles. Manufactured using our self cross linking Acrylic resin system it produces early blocking resistance. The Acrylic chemistry of the resin is associated with enhanced UV resistance to complement the properties of the oxide pigments which are used to produce a select range of 10 standard colours.