Stoving Enamels & Paints

Stoving enamels provide extremely hard paint finishes suitable for application onto metallic substrates where a more durable coating is required. The applied coat requires curing at elevated temperatures of between 130°C and 180°C to produce optimum performance.

After stoving, the component can be packaged or moved immediately after cooling. Our stoving systems are available to order in a broad range of RAL, BS4800 and BS381C shades as well as to customers own specification.

A cost effective range of coatings using a blend of premium resins to ensure excellent hardness and durability. Available in a range of sheens to suit your aesthetic requirements.

These paints have been specially formulated to reduce the level of VOC emissions to comply with the most recent targets set out by government legislation. We can produce coatings which comply to both 0.37 and 0.56 targets for VOC.

A new addition to our range, formulated to ease further problems concerning solvent emissions. Manufactured to replace traditional stoving formulations a range of sheen levels are achievable, and a broad selection of colours can be produced from the RAL, BS4800 and BS381C series.