Maintenance Paints

Industrial grade floor paints based on alkyd,polyurethane or 2 Pack Epoxy systems.

Decorative or trade emulsions and masonry paints for factories, offices and warehouses.

A range of brushing undercoats, glosses and eggshell paints in a wide variety of colours for internal or external use onto steel, concrete and wood.

Exterior and interior grade sealers and waterproofing treatments for , coloured acrylics and coatings for concrete and Tarmac drives, Waterbased or solvent based Acrylic paints for use on roofing tiles.

A range of industrial floor paints available as standard in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Tile Red, and Black, also available in other colours on request.

This floor paint is suitable for use in areas of light to medium traffic, the prior application of a clear polyurethane floor sealer such as our SK 3054 will enhance the appearance and performance of this product.

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For use on internal and external walls, these paints contain higher levels of Titanium pigments producing a final coat with superior dry hiding power to traditional trade paint supplies.

This in turn reduces the costs of labour on maintenance projects.

Available as standard in white, magnolia and cream but other pastel shades can be manufactured subject to minimum quantity.

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A range of air drying paints and primers formulated using slower evaporating solvents, making them more suitable for brush or roller application.

Providing enhanced petrol and oil resistance, and superior exterior durability these paints are ideal for painting railings, safety barriers, agricultural machinery and other metallic fabrications.

Available in the standard range of RAL and British Standard colours as well as popular Agricultural standards.

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These products are manufactured using premium quality solvents and a high quality acrylic copolymer resin system.

Providing excellent resistance to UV degradation and giving an enhanced appearance to block paving, patios and pattern imprinted concrete.

Supplied as a high solids coating as standard, with a 10% economy grade available for areas of low traffic. For removal of existing sealer or to reduce viscosity of sealer, use EVT64 Thinners.

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